CNC Hot Wire Cutter

Hi, I’m the CNC Hot Wire Cutter.


The rest of the machines get jealous of me sometimes. Probably because I can make practically any product no matter how complicated the shape. And can do so quickly, accurately and very cost-effectively. I’d be jealous too!


From 3D letters, logos and crests to prototypes and architectural shapes. You name it and I’ll make it.


So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team if you’d like to make good use of me for a project!

CNC Hot Wire Cutter machine

Technical bits

Working area: 650x650x1250mm


Materials:  EPS FOAM, XPS FOAM, Polystyrene, almost any other foam 


Max. depth:

  • 650mm

Check out some of the signs our CNC hot wire cutter has helped create: