CNC Router

Hi, I’m the CNC router.


I’m an all-rounder, really. Capable of cutting softer materials like: wood, plastic, acrylic, aluminium composites and foams. It’s also possible for me to cut aluminium and steel, but it really depends on the tooling and materials.


I’m a great multitasker too. Capable of high precision 3D carving and engraving, without having to switch between machines. A big bonus for getting things done quickly and efficiently. 


So be sure to tell the team if you think I can help with your next project!

Technical bits

Working area: up to 1220x2440mm

Materials: Wood, plastic, acrylic, aluminium composites, foam, aluminium, steel

Max. depth:

  • 150mm
CNC Router machine

Check out some of the signs our CNC router has helped create: