CNC Laser

Hi, I’m the CNC laser cutter. 


I tend to work best with non-metals. You know, things like acrylics, wood, paper, leather and cork. 


I’m pretty strong too. My 150w of power output means I can cut up to 25mm acrylic, 18mm wood, 10mm leather and up to 10mm of paper or cardboard.


My large posture means I can produce extra large elements without needing to split them up. Use me for your signage and I’ll always finish with laser precision (no pun intended), keeping smooth edges and a lovely polished effect all round. 


Give the team a shout if you think I can help with your next signage project!

Technical bits

Working area: 1220x2440mm

Materials: Acrylic, wood, paper, leather, cork


  • 25mm – acrylic
  • 18mm – wood
  • 10mm – leather
  • 10mm – paper/cardboard

Check out some of the signs our CNC laser has helped create: